Custom tick marks with R's base graphics system August 29, 2020

R ticks axes

inSilecoMisc 0.4.0 (part 2/2) April 21, 2020

R package development inSilecoMisc

inSilecoMisc 0.4.0 (part 1/2) April 14, 2020

R package development inSilecoMisc

R as a ruler? How to calculate distances between geographical objects April 8, 2020

R GIS utils

Trick or tips 004 {R} August 13, 2019

R tips trickortips

Creating empty data frames with dfTemplate() and dfTemplateMatch() February 3, 2019

R data frame data frames generation row binding

A few thoughts on R packages December 3, 2018

R package development GitHub CRAN rOpenSci

Curated list of R resources available online

about R

plot R wiki

Non linear regression with nls() November 18, 2018

R regression nls

My R setup on Debian June 18, 2018

R Linux Debian Setup

Hugo, Github, Travis: a step in continuous deployment! March 30, 2018

static website continuous deployment blog R inSileco

Hierarchical edge bundling using base plot February 21, 2018

R Viz network