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Continuous integration for R projects: from Travis CI to GitHub actions step by step

24 Nov, 2020

I have been using Travis CI ( since 2015 and GitHub Actions (hereafter GH Actions; for over a year now1. While using these two hosted continuous integration services, I came to realize that I was spending less time troubleshooting with GH Actions than I was with Travis. For this reason, I am now setting GH Actions workflows for my new projects (mainly R and Julia projects) and slowly migrating older projects from Travis to GH Actions.... Read More


The overarching goal of this blog is quite straightforward: tackle challenges and opportunities provided by this new era of open-access and computationally intensive research in the field of ecology. You will therefore find a collection of blog posts that reflect this: code snippets, ecological insights, new and exciting computational tools, opinions on various field of ecology and programming, etc.

In the interest of full disclosure, we also have a hidden agenda for this blog. As a group revolving almost exclusively around academia (for more about us) - and as such, some might say out of touch with reality - we have to write a lot, which can be quite hard (cough read procrastination cough). This blog is therefore also our attempt at significantly stepping-up our writing game!

Wordcloud created with the wordcloud2 R package; silhouette image available on PhyloPic (Lepidochelys olivacea); full R script available on .